Twitter sued over $1.2 million unpaid rent: court docs

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Elon Musk-run Twitter is facing another lawsuit over unpaid rent in East Bay, court documents filed in the Superior Court of the State of California say. 

Twitter has been renting a space at 1330 Broadway in Oakland since 2021. According to the property owner, they served a Notice of failure to Pay Rent to Twitter in December. 

It was claimed that Twitter owed a total of $327,550.25.

Twitter was informed to pay the rent within three business days of the late notice or it would be considered a default on the lease. 

A court document also states that a second default notice was sent to Twitter in January, stating that it owed an additional $325,570.25 in unpaid rent. 

It happened again in February with another $324,570.25 being added to unpaid rent. For March, Twitter owed another $303,366.25. The property owner said unpaid rent caused another $1.2 million in damages. 

As of April 4, the court document’s filing date, Twitter had allegedly not paid the $341,039.99 rent for the month. 

Attached to the court documents are other documents, including confirmation of lease terms and an email sent to Twitter’s administrators in January 2022 confirming the lease. 


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