Two Slain Bodies Found by Snowplow Driver Near Yosemite

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At Bridgeport, California, a Caltrans snow plow driver doing his work near Yosemite found two dead bodies on Monday. According to the driver, he was clearing a remote stretch of the U.S. 396 Highway road when he stumbled upon the corpses during dawn. According to the investigation conducted by the Mono County police force, they suspected the two victims’ deaths as a double homicide. The case analysis continued with the help of several California Highway Patrol officers.

After the bodies’ turnover, the police further interrogated the snowplow driver to gain additional information about the case.

When asked to describe the bodies’ exact location, the driver responded that he found them by the highway’s side, ten miles north of Bridgeport. The police identified the bodies’ gender consisting of a man and a woman. Aside from the previously mentioned information, authorities didn’t disclose additional details regarding the victims’ identities. Additionally, their names remain unknown to public knowledge.

The California High Patrol officers and Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the incident is a case of homicide through a released official statement.

“We determined that the man and woman got murdered,” the official statement reads.

Despite California High Patrol’s aid in the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office spearheaded the case analysis.

Authorities also revealed that the victims are not Monto County residents, leading to the victims’ identification of people coming from a far town or municipality.

“We can confirm that neither are local to Monto County or surrounding areas,” declared the Sheriff’s office in the press release. “The crime appears to be specific and targeted, and there is no threat to the community of Bridgeport,” they added.

The motive for the murder remains unknown, but authorities believed that the murder was “specific and targeted.”

The bodies’ discovery happened after the first hail storms of the winter season moved through California, bringing heavy snowfall to the Sierra Nevada.

According to weather reports on Monday, the lifeless bodies got buried with 6 to 12 inches of snow. 

As of Wednesday, contacted family relatives of the victims are yet to confirm the bodies’ identification, including their names. The Sheriff’s Office affirmed that they would disclose additional information provided that it doesn’t negatively affect the case’s ongoing investigation.

Bridgeport is north of Los Angeles, California. Locals and tourists will take approximately six hours to arrive in the city. Aside from the Yosemite incident, a reported Bridgeport incident took place within the same week.

On Wednesday, police officers interfered with what appears to be a supposed assault. According to the authorities, they arrived at the scene as the suspect repeatedly stabs another man, ultimately leading them to shoot the former.

Bridgeport law enforcement officers confirmed the suspect’s identity as 27-year old Juan Villa. According to acting police Chief Rebeca Garcia during a Wednesday press briefing, they transported Villa to a local hospital after the police inflicted a gunshot wound on his right side. 

After midnight, dispatched officers arrived at a reported disturbance by 351 Clinton Avenue. They spotted the suspect making stabbing motions towards another man as they arrive at the scene.

According to Garcia, the police first tried to stun the suspect before being shot once by Officer Eliud Henry.

After the victim got rescued from the attack, Garcia stated that the sufferer felt very thankful.

“One thing I think is vital to say is the victim of the assault… wanted to thank the officers for “saving his life,” said Garcia.

The Bridgeport shooting incident was this week’s second police-involved shootout. According to local authorities, a Naugatuck policeman shot a vehicle driving towards him during a traffic stop. As of late, police are still investigating the whereabouts of the alleged vehicle driver.