Tycoon Robert Durst convicted for killing best friend

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Millionaire Robert Durst was convicted by a Los Angeles jury on Friday for killing his best friend two decades ago.

The 78-year-old tycoon was not present when the jury released the ruling in court as he was isolated in a detention cell over exposure to a COVID-19-positive individual.

On Oct. 18, he will be slammed with a required term of life behind bars and without parole. He is facing first-degree murder conviction over the death of Susan Berman.

In Dec. 2001, in her home in Los Angeles, she was shot in the back of the head. By that time, she was ready to narrate to the authorities how she helped conceal the killing of his wife.

Durst considered Berman, a Las Vegas mobster daughter, as his confidante. She helped him deceive others about how his wife disappeared.

Prosecutors have traced the link between the killing of Berman and Kathie Durst’s alleged death, as well as the murder of a tenant in Texas which was used by Robert as a hiding place to evade New York authorities.

 “Bob Durst has been around a lot of years, and he’s been able to commit a lot of horrific crimes. We just feel really gratified that he’s been held accountable,” according to Deputy District Attorney John Lewin, who met with jurors following the judgment.

According to Lewin, they thought prosecutors had evidence that Durst had murdered his wife, as well as Berman and the Texas tenant to dodge arrest. The district attorney added that Durst is not considered as a trusted witness.

“He’s a narcissistic psychopath. He killed his wife and then he had to keep killing to cover it up,“ Lewin said, with hopes that the suspect get to comprehend the feeling of justice being served even after a long time, AP News reported.

“Considering what he’s done, he got a lot more of a life that he was entitled to,” he said.