UC Davis investigates fraternity gathering amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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There has been a reported gathering in an off-campus fraternity residence last Thursday involving around 10 to 20 students, though the exact number is yet to be verified. The gathering which violated campus guidelines as well as the local health guidelines became more alarming as one of the students tested positive for COVID-19 potentially exposing other students who were there that night. 

In a news release last Saturday, the UC Davis officials wrote, “UC Davis continues to investigate the circumstances around the alleged gathering at the Theta Chi Fraternity and is monitoring the students in quarantine.” They also added that interim protective measures have already been taken by the university and also noted that further disciplinary actions may be taken “if the investigation findings determine there were intentional violations of county and campus public health guidelines.”

In a prepared statement by Chancellor Gary S. May, he said, “We are deeply disappointed and troubled by the alleged behavior and decisions demonstrated by these students. The majority of students, faculty and staff have taken Yolo County Public Health guidelines very seriously since the pandemic began earlier this year. We have awareness campaigns going strong on campus and in Davis.” 

The student who tested positive is now quarantining with his parents according to the school while the Yolo County Public Health has sent quarantine orders to 10 fraternity members who had been staying at the fraternity house during the pandemic. Nine were moved into quarantine apartments while one was left in the residence to take care of the pets. 

Meanwhile, the Theta Chi fraternity house has now been professionally cleaned and contact tracing is also underway. 

“I urge everyone in our community to follow public health guidelines and mandates, including wearing face coverings, socially distancing from one another and washing your hands frequently,” Chancellor May said in his statement.

UC Davis learned that the student tested positive last Thursday, same day as the alleged gathering took place. 

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