Unusual: Nordstrom Rack in SoMa is closing next month

2 mins read

Popular among bargain chasers, Nordstrom Rack announced that it will close its doors in the SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco on Oct. 1.

The retailer where customers can get $200 worth of jeans for half its price has opened in 2001. The 42, 000-square foot store is located at Acadia Realty Trust-owned shopping center at 555 Ninth St.

Other locations of the Nordstrom Rack on Market Street as well as in the Westfield Mall nearby will continue their operations.

“Our market strategy enables us to look at how we’re best positioned to meet the needs of our customers across a market, rather than looking at individual stores,” said Nordstrom’s spokesperson through a statement. “This approach means we can combine our digital and physical assets to offer customers an increased product selection, improved delivery speed and increased convenience. We believe we’re best able to serve customers in this market by focusing on our nearby Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack locations, as well as online.”

Last year, the Seattle-based company closed 16 of its stores around the country. It is, however, rare to shut their stores as it offers a price drop of up to 70 percent on men’s and women’s apparel.

“Closing Rack stores isn’t something we do all that often,” said the spokesperson through an email, SFGATE reported. “We’ve closed just nine since 1995, and in that same time frame, we’ve opened 245.”

Meanwhile, workers of the SoMa store will be tasked with other roles under the company, the retailer said.