Upcoming Model 3 update, to come with new design accent and heated steering wheel

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Image from Tesla’s website

The upcoming updates to Tesla’s Model 3 will be a new design accent, first introduced in the Chinese made Model Y along with the long-awaited heated steering wheel.

Upcoming Features

This year’s Model 3 will come with more range and with new features but is still ongoing as the multibillion-dollar company is still introducing changes to the Chinese made Model 3 first. These include the option for chrome delete, as well as various other features like double-paned windows, powered trunks, and a new center console. 

Other improvements such as a new heat pump and an upgraded battery pack with a higher capacity will also come with the update. Tesla is continuing to update the Chinese-made Model 3 which will most likely be applied to the US version in the future. Along with that, Tesla is also updating the Model Y SUV based on the update to its Chinese version, which they are now starting production of at Gigafactory Shanghai. 

With one change being a new wood panel of the Model Y’s doors, also present in the Model 3:

Image by Tesla

A long-awaited option by Tesla consumers, the Model 3 update will also come with a heated steering wheel option. This is already accessible to the Chinese market as this can be availed when choosing the premium interior for Model 3 Performance buyers in China. Like previous Tesla options, however, this option will likely be integrated with a software upgrade through the mobile app for buyers of the cheaper variant. Currently, these changes only apply to the Chinese Model 3, but will most likely be implemented to the US versions and be accessible to the North American market.