US-blacklisted Huawei to unveil exclusive mobile operating system

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To adjust to its non-accessibility to Google, Huawei is set to unveil its personal HarmonyOS mobile operating system for its smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

The announcement is expected to be made by the company on Wednesday.

Two years ago, Huawei was blocked on Google as it was included in the Chinese telecommunications company put by the US on its trade blacklist.

Citing that the Chinese company helps its country on its espionage activities, Huawei was removed from important technologies of the US. It included the mobile services of Google as well as some computer chips essential to put on its devices.

American companies are being prevented from negotiating with Huawei as it is included in the blacklist.

The Chinese telecommunications company has suffered great impact for their inclusion in the entity list as they depend on the US for its important technologies.

The record from Canalys, a market research body, stated that Huawei was thrown out the top five list by South Korea-based telecommunications company Samsung.

In the global sales picture, Huawei was also left behind by Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo, other Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

Due to a decrease in smartphone shipments by half in the first quarter last year, Huawei is presently at the seventh spot internationally and has placed third in China.

The company put its budget Honor smartphone brand last November in a bid to modify the effects of being in the US blacklist.

The launch of its HarmonyOS is a bypass for its short on Google services accessibility.

The latest models of Huawei devices cannot anymore access mobile services of Google. Other handsets sold before the blacklisting, on the other hand, still can enjoy Google services.

The  company has rolled out its Huawei Mobile SErvices (HMS) to answer the concern, as it allows developers to open apps for Huawei devices.

While famous apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook cannot be accessed, Huawei in March said that more than 120, 000 apps were made available on its app store through HMS.