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46 dead bodies found in a truck, allegedly migrant smuggling in Texas

Authorities said 46 migrants were found dead while 16 others were hospitalized after a tractor-trailer truck was found Monday on a remote back road in southwest San Antonio, Texas. The incident was a presumed smuggling attempt.  Shortly before 6 p.m. on Monday, a city worker was alerted by a cry for help. According to Police Chief William McManus, authorities arrived to find a body on the ground outside a trailer and a partially opened truck door.  16 were hospitalized with heat-related illnesses, of which 12 were adults, and 4 were children, Fire Chief Charles Hood said. The patients were hot

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5-year-old boy dies in hot car as family prepares for birthday party

A 5-year-old boy left strapped in a hot car for hours under the Texas heat died on Monday.  According to the preliminary information from Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the child, his mother, and his 8-year-old sister took a quick trip to get ready for the sister’s birthday party in Northeast Harris County. They quickly returned home to prepare for the celebration, and both mother and daughter left without checking the safety seat.  Gonzales wrote on Facebook, “They exited the car, saw the 8-year-old and assumed the other child was out also.”  The post also added that the 5-year-old could usually unbuckle

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Two women injured in life-threatening Wisconsin skydiving crash

Two women received life-threatening injuries after a fatal crash while skydiving in Wisconsin.  A 28-year-old woman from Racine and a 49-year-old woman from Chicago had been tandem skydiving at Skydive Midwest Skydiving Center in Yorkville, 27 miles south of Milwaukee.  According to the Racine Country Sheriff’s Office, their parachute was successfully deployed during descent. However, they lost control around 20 to 30 feet from the ground and crashed.  Authorities reported that the two suffered life-threatening injuries and were airlifted to local trauma centers.  According to two witnesses, the women appeared to get caught in the wind as they descended. 

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What we know about mass school shootings in the US – and the gunmen who carry them out

James Densley, Metropolitan State University and Jillian Peterson, Hamline University When the Columbine High School massacre took place in 1999 it was seen as a watershed moment in the United States – the worst mass shooting at a school in the country’s history. Now, it ranks fourth. The three school shootings to surpass its death toll of 13 – 12 students, one teacher – have all taken place within the last decade: 2012’s Sandy Hook Elementary attack, in which a gunman killed 26 children and school staff; the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which

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6 wildfire terms to understand, from red flag warning to 100% containment

David Godwin, University of Florida Wildfires fueled by dry, windy conditions have destroyed dozens of homes in Texas and threatened hundreds of others there and in Oklahoma and Florida this March. They’re a sharp reminder to be prepared for what forecasters warn is likely to be a risky spring for wildfires, particularly in the southern Plains and Southwest. I’m a fire ecologist and director of the Southern Fire Exchange for the University of Florida. Here are six terms you’ll often hear when people talk about wildfires that are useful to understand, both for preparing for fire season and gauging the

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Anti-Asian violence spiked in the US during the pandemic, especially in blue-state cities

Arie Perliger, UMass Lowell It’s widely known that Asian Americans felt – and were – persecuted during the pandemic. But the extent of this violence, and its uneven geographic distribution across the U.S., is now much clearer, thanks to research I conducted with collaborators at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the independent research firm Development Services Group. The Asian American-Pacific Islander Equity Alliance, a nonprofit based in California, has collected reports of 10,370 “hate incidents” from March 2020 through September 2021. The categories of those incidents include verbal harassment, refusal of service at a business and online abuse, as

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