Vandals Target Bay Area Businesses Over Christmas Weekend

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Many San Francisco businesses have become the victims of break-ins, vandalism, and property damage amid the coronavirus pandemic’s economic impacts.

Multiple robberies

Several stores on Clement Street were the most recent victims when suspects attacked the Inner Richmond District during the holiday season. However, the series of strikes were not the first that business owners in the area have experienced.

The attack left the owners with more expenses to repair their stores and lose out on potential business for the day. One store owner, Alissa Anderson, said, “Police were here, and there was just glass everywhere. The door was completely shattered.”

Anderson woke up to the sound of an alert on Monday, notifying her that someone had broken into her shop. Her establishment was located in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District and called “Foggy Notion.” The crime forced Anderson to close down her shown temporarily to repair damages.

The shop owner said, “Certainly hurts, and also we just lost a whole day of business as well during a time of year where people might want to be out shopping and supporting small businesses.” Anderson added the thief was able to rob her of some small bills from the register.

The damage to the store’s door would also cost Anderson a few hundred dollars, which is a hefty cost for a business that is already struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Amanda Michael, the owner of Toy Boat by Jane, said an unidentified suspect broke her shop’s door in an attempted break-in during the weekend. Additionally, the shop right next to hers was also attacked.

Michael said, “The business next to us was hit the next night. Their front door was broken, so this whole week there’s been a rash of things, and it hasn’t been the same business multiple times yet as far as I know, but we’re all kind of in this zone where there’s a lot going on.”

Dozens of businesses in the area were also broken into in October. Some were also graffitied with destructive paint that could not be buffered out of glass windows. The cost of replacing the windows would come to about a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Michael said there was no increase in police presence in the area after the attacks and noted business owners did not receive much support from the city government. He said they were waiting anxiously for any services that could help them stay afloat, KRON4 reported.

Officials noted that the Inner Richmond District shops were not the only victims of break-ins in recent days. Most of the stores in most streets in the city have experienced a number of attempted robberies and damages.

Last week, the Cassava restaurant in the Outer Richmond was also attacked by robbers where the suspects stole iPads and a company debit card. Many local businesses are struggling to balance operation amid the pandemic and securing their stores to protect from unwanted visitors.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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