Viral pizza slice stealing video bothers consumers

2 mins read

There are reasons why most develop trust issues in this generation.

A TikTok video recently went rounds in the internet showing how a whole slice of pizza can be cut and removed from the middle without leaving any noticeable evidence. It appears that the hack has been captured in camera at a pizza place, triggering worries from commenters that they have bought partial pizzas without even noticing the difference.

Most of a time, a stolen slice of pizza can easily be spotted if one has to look at the unusual and uneven number of slices. But on TikTok, a strategy was shared by user Lonely Pepperoni, showing how a large portion of the pie can be cut and removed, and putting back together the remaining slices to make the pizza appear whole again.

It starts off with someone saying: “Nobody’s going to know”, followed by a response: “They’re going to know.” But as the video went on, the original voice raises: “How would they know?”

A large-sized cheese pizza was shown on the video. It was released fresh from the oven and carried to the prep area. The employee then got a huge kitchen tool used to cut pizza, then made a couple of diagonal chops to the middle of the pie. Eventually, he removes the center cut.

After removing the center portion, he rearranged the two unusual pizza slices remaining and went on cutting it into eight slices. The final dish appeared to be a whole round food again and was sliced into eight, leaving no room to suspect that a portion has been removed.

The video gathered a total of 30.8 million views since it was put on the internet.

Many internet users said that they would not spot any missing piece from the pie while some said they would notice its oval shape.

After this, many commenters said that from now on, they will order uncut pies.