VP Pence and Joe Biden to Get COVID Vaccine Next Week

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According to official reports, Vice President Mike Pence will receive Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on Friday. Meanwhile, Joe Biden will receive the vaccine next week.

The official announcement from the White House was released on Wednesday that Vice President Pence and first lady Karen Pence are going to be promoting the safety of the vaccine by getting it themselves.

President-elect Joe Biden will get the vaccine in public next week.

The Food and Drug Administration approved of the vaccine last Friday. Since then, doctors and medical professionals such as Dr. Fauci have been prompting the nation to not fear the vaccine and to get it as soon as possible.

Dr. Fauci recommended President Trump and other senior leaders in the White House to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

President Trump, however, contracted the virus in October and may be immune to the disease. It is uncertain how long the immunity will last or if he will need the vaccine later on.

However, not everyone is happy that White House staff would receive the vaccine. Some on social media have criticized the move as Trump and his aides have been accused of violating COVID-19 guidelines.