Wedding guests had unexpected reaction after bear crashes reception

2 mins read

Any wedding hates a crasher.

But a wedding in Mexico was not able to stop the intruding of an uninvited guest, who was even captured in a camera. The crasher was different from anyone in the party, making it very easy to see, as it was a black bear.

The innocent intruder clearly was shocking, but the reaction of the attendees even exceeded the surprise of its presence.

The wedding was in Chipinque National Park in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, the couple’s relative, Angie Disa said on TikTok where she shared a video showing the animal at the venue. “He just wanted some food,” she captioned.

A young black bear, as the video began, was spotted as it laid its front paws on a wedding reception table. The video also captured many guests around. They made sure they are in a safe distance – some are recording what happens and some are driving off the animal.

The bear then got off the table and looked around the reception, leaving behind collapsed chairs.

But what’s even more shocking is that some guests at the nearby table continue to eat as if nothing odd happens, as the video showed.

For a moment, the animal notices the said table before going away.

The food served on the table seemed to be more interesting for one of the guests than the bear.

The video has been watched more than 1.7 million times after it was uploaded, FOX News reported.

The TikTok uploader, Disa, said in a separate video that a baby bear was seen in the location near the venue in the weekend. Most of the wedding attendees maintained their calm as they already knew that wildlife was in the location.

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