Wednesday Shooting Resulted in 1 Wounded and 1 Dead in East Oakland

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An East Oakland Shooting Incident Occurred on Wednesday Afternoon

On Thursday, the state police department reported a Wednesday shooting in East Oakland. According to authorities’ records, the incident resulted in one person dead while another severely wounded.

The gun-down event occurred in the 7600 block of International Boulevard on Wednesday. At 2:49 p.m., ShotSpotter’s gunshot detection technology system notified the cops about the gunfire. Additionally, one witness called the police department to alert officers of the shooting incident at the exact crime scene. Several dispatchers went to investigate the area and found two victims with gunshot injuries. In an official statement, the police confirmed that one of the two casualties died in the hands of paramedics and firefighters who responded at the occurrence.

The other surviving victim got rushed to the nearest hospital for immediate gunshot treatment. As of Thursday, the police did not disclose any updates regarding the said person’s current health condition. Moreover, authorities admitted that they still have no leads on the case’s suspect or suspects. Police officers also mentioned that they don’t have any evidence for the violator’s motives behind the shooting incident. 

The Alameda County coroner’s bureau did not include the name of the deceased victim due to privacy reasons.

Injured Man Found by Authorities After Sauntering Away from the Wednesday Afternoon Gun-Down Event

On the same day as the East Oakland shooting, another similar incident occurred and got reported by the police. According to authorities, another man got gunned several times on Wednesday afternoon. Despite his injuries, the said victim got rushed into the nearest hospital and was already in a stable condition. 

The police found the man at the 1900 block of 82nd Avenue in East Oakland by 12:05 p.m. According to authorities, they concluded that the victim got shot from another location within the same vicinity. However, he managed to get away from the crime scene, where he got inflicted with a gunshot wound. The said man’s age appears to be in his 20s. As of late, the police warranted no arrests and have not determined the motives behind the shooting episode.

Less than three hours later from that same day, another gun-down event happened in East Oakland – resulting in one person dead while another person got injured.

Failing to determine any suspects or possible intentions from the case investigations, Oakland’s Police and Crime Stoppers encourage any witnesses to come out and tip them details regarding a possible suspect. Anyone who could give valuable information would receive reward money amounting to $5,000. People can contact the Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572 or the state police department via its official hotline at 510-238-3426.

Woman Dead on Saturday Night Shooting Incident in Oakland.

On November 29, another gun-down occurrence happened in East Oakland – killing one woman in the process. The state police declared that the victim is only one of the hundreds reported to have died at the country’s surge of deadly crimes this year. 

Within last year’s criminal incident records, authorities have examined more than 100 homicides from the municipality’s 78 murder cases. In 2019, over 66% of SpotShotter activations got reported by police officers.

This year, crime investigators confiscated a total number of 900-plus related lethal weapons from the city’s homicide cases.

According to the cops, the shooting took place in the 8700 block of Hillside Street by Saturday midnight. Several officers arrived at the scene, only to find the victim shot to her death. Oakland investigators revealed to East Bay Times that the woman was on her way to attend a celebration when she got gunned. As of late, the police reported no possible suspects for the homicide.