White House’s Top Team Gets Filled With Campaign Experts by Biden’s Suggestion

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On Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden declared a list of vacant top White House staff positions. Due to this news, Biden chooses several of his closest advisers and from his campaign veterans’ roster, forming a White house leadership group full of diverse yet professional members.

According to Biden, the role of deputy chief of staff would seat his previous campaign manager Jen O’Malley. Meanwhile, the new administration’s senior positions would belong to Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond and Steve Richetti. Richmond served as Biden’s campaign co-chairman, while Richetti took on the role as one of Biden’s movement advisers during the elections. Additionally, Richmond’s White House job would encourage him to leave his congressional position.

Moreover, Biden stated that one of his long-standing confidants, Mike Donilon, would take the senior adviser seat. The president-elect’s counsel would be his campaign’s current general counsel, Dana Remus. Biden’s present traveling chief of staff, Annie Tomasini, would take the role of the Oval Offices’ director. One of Biden’s deputy movement managers, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, would be the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs’ chief executive.

47-year-old African American Richmond would serve as President-elect Biden’s White House Office of Public Engagement director. With his current seat within Biden’s White House leadership team, many people anticipate Richmond’s efforts to focus on the minority groups and the Black community, including making engagements with the Congress. At a news conference in eastern New Orlean’s regional airport, Richmond formally announced his role at the White House. According to him, he would vacate his congressional seat come January 2021.

44-year-old O’Malley Dillon previously worked as both former President Barack Obama’s White House bids and is a senior political engineer. Moreover, she is the first woman to handle a Democratic presidential movement successfully.

Rodriguez was Senator Kamala’s national political director during her 2016 presidential group before transferring to Biden’s campaign. Additionally, she also served under Obama’s administration during his term as America’s president several years ago. The late farmworker union leader, César Chávez, was Rodriguez’s grandfather.

Jill Biden’s campaign chief of staff, Anthony Bernal, would present as her senior adviser. Furthermore, Obama’s former ambassador to Uruguay, Julissa Ronoso Pantaleon, would serve as Jill Biden’s chief of staff.

Individuals who established long-term relationships with the Biden family include Tomasini, Bernal, Richetti, and Donilon. When Joe Biden was still a senator, Tomasini acted in his communication roles. During the 2008 Obama-Biden campaign, Bernal served as one of Jill Biden’s administration officials. Richetti served as Biden’s chief of staff during Obama’s second year of presidency. Since 1981, Donilo became Biden’s confidant and advised him in various roles until the present time.

According to the public’s comments, Biden’s newly announced White House team consists of diverse members, as he declared to keep the commitment of prioritizing his staff’s heterogeneity. Based on official reports, four of the White House constituents include five ladies and four different color individuals. Biden addresses these observable details during a press conference, stating that the diversity of members would greatly help him view varying perspectives on the state’s current and future affairs. Additionally, he also expressed that American can become a “stronger, more united nation” if he works with his administration staff hand-in-hand in tackling whatever challenge the nation could face.

As President-elect Joe Biden forms his cabinet to help him achieve his governing visions for the nation, the freshly announced new hires are only part of the first wave of Biden’s recruits. In the nearing weeks, Biden will once again state his new additional members to serve with him in the White House. On January 20 of next year, the Democrat’s inauguration would proceed officially.