With only a little water and a tangerine, hiker survives 2 days alone in the forest

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Hiker Jolly Bose went home safe after she was separated from her hiking group close to the White Bark Vista and Dusy Ershim Trail.

She was rescued days after she got lost from the Sierra National Forest, where she and her friends started their hike on Sunday, Oct. 17.

The group was supposed to spend around four hours for the eight-mile hike. But Bose accidentally parted ways and started a 2-day survival journey alone in the cold mountain.

With her are only a little water and a tangerine, but she did not give up. “I did not have any fear and I never lost hope,” she said.

The hiker said she knew her group would notify authorities for help. They indeed called for Search and Rescue when they could not find her.

“Jolly’s story is incredible, she shows how powerful the mind is,” Fresno County Sheriff’s Office’s Tony Botti said.

With only a little food, Bose made it appear to be sufficient as she meditated while she took each bite. To also help her survive with a little water, she imagined drinking more of it when she finished what she brought.

Bose sought shelter in a small bathroom she found while walking around. There, she managed to keep warm while the temperature fell to 14 degrees.

“Hope keeps you alive,” she said, as reported by ABC7.

She was found by the rescuers unharmed near the Ershim Lake on Tuesday. Bose said she was not discouraged by the accident to have more hikes soon.

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