Witness of latest cars break-in in San Francisco shot by suspect

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San Francisco has recorded another car break-in, and it was along the Embarcadero this time.

A witness said he saw a couple of guys breaking into cars around Pier 19. “I started hollering at them trying to get them to stop,” he said, but refused to reveal his face.

The suspects allegedly got some luggage out of the vehicle and escaped to Pier 19 ½ where they also targeted another car. The man then started shouting at them again and captured some photos.

“I was angry this was happening in broad daylight in our city, I was mad that people weren’t stopping and yelling at them, but I feel like people need to get loud and stop this stuff from happening. Inaction leads to this action,” he said. 

But the witness said one of the criminals pointed and fired a gun at him when he started clicking the camera.

 “I heard shots fired, he aimed it at me and cocked it and I jumped behind the car I was standing next to and that’s when they got into their car and I stood up against and started hollering for people to stop them,” he said.

The man got off uninjured. Hours later, the car owners arrived to find out that all their belongings were taken away by the thieves.

 “This is my second time here the first time I got mugged and this is the second time and now this happened, and I have worked in Detroit for over ten years and never had a single incident so it’s disheartening that you come to a beautiful city and you feel like you’re not safe,” according to the victim.

The stolen luggage was fortunately found by a good samaritan somewhere. The victims were informed about it and they went to retrieve their property, KRON4 reported.

The victims and the witness were told to file an online police report about the incident. The man who saw the crime called 911 twice thus, a police officer was sent to meet him.