Woman dies in road crash days before her wedding; leaves five kids behind

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A woman killed on Monday’s road mishap on Highway 41 in Fresno left behind five kids and a soon-to-be husband.

The victim was identified by her family members as Brandi Urena, 42.

At around 11:30 a.m. Monday, Urena’s sister said the victim stopped at the red light on Highway 41 and Central Ave. Intersection. She was heading to work as an employee of United Health.

A White Honda Insight driven by a 24-year-old man was running fast down the highway when it sideswiped the victim’s vehicle.

This caused a crash which further included two other cars. Apart from Urena, four other people were involved in the accident. They were left with little injuries. Urena, meanwhile, was rushed to the hospital but lost the battle for her life.

Urena was supposed to get married at the Fresno County courthouse days before the mishap happened. A party and honeymoon were already arranged.

“Very, very excited about it,” Jennifer Nolan, Urena’s aunt said. “Was able to get her, her dress.”

Instead of celebrating her marriage, Urena’s loved ones came together on Tuesday to mourn her death.

“Planning for a wedding, planning for a celebration, and life and death gets in the way,” Nolan exclaimed. “It’s really unfortunate.”

It remains vague, however, if the speeding driver will be held accountable for the accident. The victim’s family took the opportunity to ask people to take precautionary measures when hitting the road, as reported by ABC7 News.

“Please be present in what you are doing. Pay attention to what you are doing,” Nolan pleaded. “Because this is unnecessary and that is hard to recover from.”

A fundraising effort to provide support for the bereaved family was created through GoFundMe.