Woman stabbed after confronting robber who attacked elderly

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A good Samaritan suffered from stab wounds after confronting a robber close to Mission and Steuart Streets in San Francisco on Tuesday around 12:16 in the afternoon.

According to the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), the stabbed woman tried to help in a robbery incident she witnessed, ABC7 reported.

The suspect Javon Knighten, 27, unjustifiably attacked an elderly from behind and pinned her down to the ground.

Gay Thorn, who runs a business near the location, saw what happened. “Two other ladies were running with her out in the street, and one saw there was a police car in front of Walgreens,” he said.

“We saw the police officer with the two ladies going up the street. And we saw people gathering around on the corner, and I saw her down on the ground,” he added.

According to the police, the 31-year-old woman faced Knighten and confronted him on the crime he committed. The suspect then stabbed her several times. She was kicked by Knighten before escaping.

Officers were led by the accounts of the witnesses to identify Knighten. The suspect, who struggled physically, was later arrested.

Kinighten was also found by the police to have an outstanding arrest warrant in San Francisco. He faced several charges including attempted homicide and was booked at San Francisco County Jail.

Hate crime elements are being part of the case investigation as the senior citizen victimized by the suspect is of Asian descent, SFPD said on Tuesday.

“This crime, along with every other crime that we investigate, we look into that aspect if there is a hate-related bias to that motivation,” Robert Nuesca, SPFD spokesperson, said.

While the suspect was already arrested, the police department said the case remains open and would welcome any details from the public. Those who have information linked to the case can call the police tip line.