Yorkshire Terrier Stolen In San Francisco Reunited With Owners

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A Yorkshire Terrier stolen from a car in San Francisco Thursday has finally been reunited with his owners on Sunday evening. 

Jacqueline Zavala-Lee and Refugio Zavala were reunited with 10-year-old Leo with the assistance of the San Francisco police department. According to police reports, Leo was located after receiving tips that someone had purchased the Yorkshire Terrier in Oakland. 

“He [the officer] was willing to meet us halfway to Fort Bragg. But we told him ‘no, we are on our way,'” Zavala said. “He sent me a picture. When we saw it, we knew right away it was Leo.”

The owner said the person who bought Leo saw the news and immediately informed officers. 

“There are still good people out there,” Zavala-Lee said. “It’s really. It sounds cliché but the goodness of humanity is there. The good outweighs the dark. Thank you so much. Thank you for bringing him home.”

Abigail Kouma

Abigail is a caffeine-fueled bookworm and journalist from Marin County. She's passionate about art and constantly searching for new ways to express creativity and stay on beat with the cultural scene in SF.