You need proof of vaccination to dine in these Bay Area restaurants

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A growing number of restaurants in the Bay Area are considering requiring vaccination proof from its customers amid the significant increase in virus cases.

The idea of only catering to vaccinated persons, which was initiated by some of the most careful businessmen, is picking up especially with the spread of the more contagious delta variant.

“Right now it’s March 10, 2020. You can see the storm is coming and no one has the courage to sound the alarm,” Palmetto and the Kon-Tiki in Oakland’s co-owner Matt Reagan said, noting that some cautious restaurants are doing away with indoor dining. He said he wants to relay to the customers that some diners are still wary about the pandemic.

There have been some dining establishments and bars that are presently looking for physical vaccine cards at their entrance. Some are also checking the state’s QR code system through myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov while the latest negative COVID-19 test results are also accepted by some.

With these measures, unvaccinated people are still welcome to dine but they are provided space outdoors, San Francisco Chronicles reported.

Eli’s Mile High Club

This restaurant was the first to get noticed over its proof of vaccination requirement. Before accessing this dining place, you are required to present your photo ID, your physical vaccine card, photo of the cars, as well as an email from a health care provider confirming that you are vaccinated. The QR code officially used by the state can also be accepted.

Latin American Club

Proof of vaccination is also required to enter this margarita heaven. A physical card, photo of the card or the state’s digital vaccine record can be accepted.


Like the other restaurants mentioned, Oasis will also ask you to present a physical vaccination card, photo, or digital record before you can access any of its events.

Palmetto and the Kon-Tiki

These establishments will require you to mask up indoors if you cannot show proof that you are vaccinated against the virus. You might also use a negative test taken 72 hours before the visit to enjoy here. But starting August 2, or sooner depending on the trend of the cases, indoor diners here must show they tested negative for the virus or are vaccinated with proof.

Vesuvio Cafe

You are welcome to dine indoors if you have a photo of your vaccination card of the state’s QR code. If you cannot present these requirements, there are spaces reserved for you outside.