Best Places for Breakfast in SF

In San Francisco, they take coffee seriously. Just like creative thinking, twisting hills, and perpetual fog, coffee has been a long integral part of the culture of San Francisco. This has been true since the mid 19th century when the Bay was first introduced to the exotic bean via companies such as Folger’s coffee company and Hill Brothers.

Whether you’re on a vacation or a business trip, visiting a coffee café here in San Francisco is not a waste of your time. Excellent coffee that brings energy and a good mood are found in different places in the Bay Area. So, if you are one of those coffee lovers, check the top 10 best coffee places in San Francisco.

1. Caffe Trieste

Address: 601 Vallejo St, San Francisco, California

Caffe Trieste serves people with Italian coffee, pastries, wine, and beer while occasionally having a music live session. It is a widely known trendy gathering place for artists, poets, and beat writers. The world-famous café serves an impeccable quality of coffee mixed with the best music. You can have their unique North Beach version of an old favorite – a sweet, light to medium-bodied coffee called the Breakfast Blend. They also serve a robust and delicious coffee, Dark French or Dark French Supreme. If you are looking for a rich, strong body and smooth, mesmerizing aroma, the perfect coffee for you is the Italian Roast Espresso. You can also enjoy their Light French Roast, Mocha-Java, Viennese, North Beach Blend, and 100% Colombia.

2. Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Address: 2271 Union St, San Francisco, California

Are you looking for a coffeehouse that offers house-roasted blends? If yes, Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters is the perfect coffee shop for you. The coffee shop is recognized for its purveyor of sustainably sourced, expertly roasted specialty coffee. The shop sells beans and espresso drinks and you can choose among their wide variety of coffee products such as coffee Subscriptions, Pillow Fight Espresso, Triple Double Blend, Decaf Colombia Blend, Ethiopia Gedeb Banko Gotiti, and Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Dos Socios. You can enjoy all these while sitting on cool little benches. They also sell coffee grinders and if you’re a fan of the shop, Wrecking Ball apparel.

3. Sextant Coffee Roaster

Address: 1415 Folsom St, San Francisco, California

Sextant Coffee Roaster is an Ethiopian coffee shop located at Folsom St, San Francisco. Their coffee offerings come with Black Lion (an organic Yirgacheffe Heirloom – Ethiopian coffee), Dancing Goat (Kochere – Ethiopian coffee), Maiden Voyage (Espresso – Ethiopian coffee), Connoisseur (Colombia coffee), Ogsadey's Horse (Harrar Ethiopia Coffee), Walia Ibex (Decaf Coffee), The Windsor (Brazil Coffee), and Black Lion (Coffee Steeped Bags). Sextant Coffee Roaster is an independent café and roaster in San Francisco, which never fails to serve people with their sweet coffee. The coffee here really tastes good that will make you come back again and again.

4. Le Trio

Address: 2575 Judah St, San Francisco, California

Le Trio is a Vietnamese-inspired coffee shop that serves not only the most satisfying golden latte but also the best Vietnamese iced coffee. Le Trio is located in the heart of San Francisco's Sunset District and the shop is always ready to serve their specials to the commuters of the N Judah line. Surely you will enjoy their hot drinks – Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Matcha Latte, House Drip Coffee, House Hot Choco, and Americana.

5. Trouble Coffee

Address: 4033 Judah St, San Francisco, California

If you want a bomb cinnamon toast and a cool, easy atmosphere to drink coffee, come to Trouble Coffee. They serve a variety of great coffees such as black coffee, almond milk latte, hot coffee with a splash of milk, and a cinnamon toast. It would be such a shame if you left this hole-in-the-wall shop by Ocean Beach off the list.

6. Pinhole

Address: 231 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, California

Pinhole is a coffee shop with the senses of the arts and community. You can enjoy your Linea coffee and delicious pastries with their friendly staff. Their featured coffee: Espresso, Macchiato, Piccolo, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Extra Shot, Quick Drip, Iced Coffee Black, Iced Shaken, Nitro, Kiduccino, Hot Chocolate, and many more. Pinhole is the perfect coffee shop with its high-quality coffee servings.

7. The Mill

Address: 736 Divisadero St, San Francisco, California

The Mill roasts coffee beans every day just to provide you with the best cup of coffee. They make sure that they find beautiful coffee beans, hand-roast them in their vintage steel roaster, and offer them to you. They are serving different coffee varieties, including Cold coffee, Nitro, Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Hot Coffe Cans, Hot Tea, and Cortado.

8. Piccino Coffee Bar

Address: 498 Alabama St, San Francisco, California

Piccino Coffee Bar welcomes every guest with their prominent coffee counter, a dining room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Piccino Coffee Bar loves to serve you with their delicious coffee. The love for coffee starts by serving customers coffee drinks with beans roasted by Slightglass. People love this place, allowing them to enjoy fabulous café treats.

9. Equator Coffees

Address: 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, California

Since 1995, Equator Coffees has been serving coffee and believes that good coffee can create a better world. It started as a coffee roaster, and now they are serving people and customers in different locations in the North Bay, San Francisco. Their best-sellers are the equator blend, the French Laundry blend, the Bouchon blend, Jaguar Espresso fair trade organic, French toast blend fair trade organic, Mocha Java fair trade organic, Tigerwalk Espresso, Ethiopia Sidama Ardi, and Sumatra Queen Ketiara fair trade organic.

10. Ritual Coffee Roasters

Address: Hayes Valley, Castro, Mission, Upper Height, San Francisco, California

Ritual Coffee Roasters' goal is to craft the best coffee cup that they could. They make sure that they can provide you with a great cup of coffee that comes from a good quality ground coffee, hot water, time, and a little je ne sais quoi. And did you know? They have the best decaf! You can try their "Ace" Alexander Sabillon Honduras, "Three's A Charm" Coffee gift set, Benedicto Yara Microlot, and many more!