6 Ways to Nail a Job Interview

Trying to attract people on dating apps is just one thing compared to selling yourself in a job interview. This is because the career and professional world is full of fierce competition and employers and human resource management has so much to consider before ultimately deciding.  What should I wear? What things should I say […]

This is the first thing you should do for a happier day

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s triggered by the change in seasons. According to the American Psychiatric Association, it affects about 5 percent of U.S adults. People diagnosed with SAD experiences mood swings and symptoms similar to depression. This usually occurs in the fall and winter months, seasons with less sunlight. […]

Home Improvement Projects: Debunking 6 big myths

Homes are supposed to be lived in, worked on, and improved. But before the thought of major renovations tempt you, make sure you’re not falling for any of these home improvement tips that turn out to be myths.  Myth: ‘Go Big on Renovations and Improvements’ Instead of going big, go smart and realistic. That giant […]

L.A. company smashes taboos on periods and menstruation

This certainly has been the year of the period in terms of long-overdue strides in rethinking the conversation around and the cost associated with women’s menstruation. Much of the progress happened this fall. That’s when Pantone Color Institute released a new color, Period red, a vivid shade the company launched in September in collaboration with […]

Yes, you are seeing the humble huarache everywhere

In Mexican stores across Los Angeles, huaraches are a common sight. Wander down Olvera Street in downtown L.A. or visit Boyle Heights, and you’ll see the cherished sandals in all their hues, styles and sizes dangling by strings or lining shelves at shoe stands. In these neighborhoods, particularly before the coronavirus pandemic shifted the city’s […]

Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber made Crocs cool in 2020

Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber made Crocs cool in 2020

In late October, Crocs, the Colorado-based brand known for its lightweight and bulbous clogs, reported its quarterly earnings. It was a stark contrast to other fashion brands hobbled by the ongoing pandemic — think J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, two gentlemen’s clothiers from another era that both filed for bankruptcy protection this year. This time, […]

Best fashion of 2020: Tie-dye gave us a reason to smile

It was a decade ago that designer Paige Mycoskie first included tie-dye as part of her Los Angeles-based brand Aviator Nation to sell at a booth at a music festival. That initial batch — 500 T-shirts and tank tops — she dyed by hand, letting them dry in the sun, strewn around her backyard. “I […]

L.A. Affairs: Why I’m glad I tried an office romance

At age 31 and still single, I moved with a friend from Columbus, Ohio, to Los Angeles, seeking my fortune as a screenwriter. When our one-year house rental in Van Nuys ended, I decided to find my own place and rented a cozy studio apartment in Pacific Palisades, near a bluff overlooking the ocean. I […]

The watchdogs making sure fashion does more than talk about being inclusive

“When do we go back to normal?” It’s a question BET.com style director Danielle Prescod has heard regularly as she’s been leading anti-racism seminars for social media influencers and fashion industry executives since the racial unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in late May. The query itself […]

The sweatpant savants behind Pizzaslime turn viral laughs into a fashion brand

At a glance, it looks as if Nick Santiago and Matthew Hwang, founders of the creative agency and streetwear brand Pizzaslime, are hanging out with famous friends in a private jet. Instead of piling the plush airplane seats with designer luggage, the cabin is filled with Pizzaslime pillows printed with absurd celebrity tweets from Kris […]