After 3 years, missing pet dog which reached Indiana returns to family in Texas

The Skelton family was saddened when their pet dog, Daisy, disappeared three years ago. They do not have any idea of its whereabouts but remain hopeful that they will be reunited with their beloved animal one day, FOX News reported. They were correct in what they believe as Daisy was found recently in Indiana, which […]

Homeowners had no idea they bought a property featured in a famous Christmas movie

Research is important before jumping into a home purchase. In the United Kingdom, a couple accidentally bought a property without any idea that it appeared in a famous holiday movie. Since they moved in, movie fans started visiting their home, taking photos, and even asking questions, FOX News reported. Jon and Cressida Bromley’s house was […]

Girl reunites with lost teddy bear after a year

A 6-year-old girl, Naomi Pascal in Jackson, Wyoming, never expected for her special teddy bear to be back into her arms after she forgot it last year in Glacier National Park, AP News reported. It was the thing she treasured since she has been adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage. But her family and people around […]

Here’s how long you can safely store your Thanksgiving leftovers

Food leftovers are indeed a part of Thanksgiving. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that there is a limitation on how long you can keep that food – including your turkey and some of the cranberry sauce. Leftovers from the celebration can stay anywhere ranging from three to four days, and can even last […]

Wedding guests had unexpected reaction after bear crashes reception

Any wedding hates a crasher. But a wedding in Mexico was not able to stop the intruding of an uninvited guest, who was even captured in a camera. The crasher was different from anyone in the party, making it very easy to see, as it was a black bear. The innocent intruder clearly was shocking, […]

How to make dalgona candy like in “Squid Game” carving challenge

TikTok was flooded with “dalgona candy challenge” as fans try on making their own treat used in the deadly carving challenge on the South Korean hit series “Squid Game”. Contestants in the survival series faced death as their consequence for failing to perfectly carve out the embossed shapes from the candy. Before the “Squid Game” […]

This single mom helps out fellow parents through free braid services

A mother from Tennessee is offering hair braiding for children for free as a way of extending a hand to fellow parents who cannot cover the cost of salon services. Juggling multiple jobs, a single mom Brittany Starks herself is finding it hard to buy her kids their new school supplies and clothes. But this […]