Mom who threw baby shower for minor child impregnated by her rapist arrested

A mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma was arrested by the police for rape charges after she threw a baby shower for her 12-year-old daughter impregnated by a 24-year-old man. The minor, whose name remains confidential considering her age, gave birth in midtown Tulsa hospital last month. “They walked in just like any other couple would, excited […]

Third Pfizer vaccine shot can increase protection vs. Delta variant, data suggests

Pfizer on Wednesday released new data suggesting that the third dose of its vaccine can “strongly” add to the shield against the Delta variant — exceeding the protection given by a couple of shots. In data made available online, it was suggested that antibody levels that can focus on the Delta variant can increase by […]

“Mass casualty”: Chemical leak in Texas leaves 2 dead, 6 injured

A chemical leak in a Texas facility claimed the lives of two people, officials said, while it left six others injured. The Harris County Fire Marshal said that emergency officials responded after 7:30 to a “mass casualty” incident at the LyondellBasell complex in La Porte. In a statement, Lyondell Basell said that an acetic acid […]

New home sales dropped to its lowest since pandemic

The data released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Monday shows that sales of newly established homes dipped to its lowest level in June since the outbreak took place in April last year. New single-family homes sales dropped to a yearly rate of 676, 000. This is 6.6% lower than the 724, 000 rate last […]

Sandstorm causes multiple car crash in Utah; 7 confirmed dead

A sand or dust storm in Utah on Sunday evening caused several vehicles to crash due to poor visibility, killing seven people and leaving many others with serious injuries, authorities said. Officials said that many victims were rushed to local hospitals and were critically injured. While the exact number of people was not specified yet […]

Fashion Queen Nastia Liukin cheers Tokyo Olympics with her style

The Tokyo Olympics have gathered several people for the sports, but some keep posted on all the fashion being given out. NBC’s primetime coverage has provided Americans the chance to see events they missed as most of it happens early mornings, United States time. The leading broadcasters in the networks are also appreciated for bringing […]

The Trump administration feuded with state and local leaders over pandemic response – now the Biden administration is trying to turn back a page in history

Ana Maria Dimand, Boise State University and Benjamin M. Brunjes, University of Washington As the U.S. recovers from the pandemic, the Biden administration is working to rebuild relationships across levels of government, from the top to the bottom, that were strained during the presidency of Donald Trump. In November 2020, Biden offered urban leaders a […]

Suspect in raping 14-year-old girl identified after over 3 decades

Then a 14-year-old high school student, Stephanie Isaacson worried her parents for not coming home on June 1, 1989. She was found lifeless in a field nearby. At that time, authorities said that Isaacson was sexually assaulted and strangled but her perpetrator was not identified amid enormous investigation through decades. But the alleged suspect behind […]

10 jailed as Texas begins arresting border trespassers

At least ten people who trespassed along the US and Mexico border were so far jailed, authorities said on Thursday, warning that more will be arrested as Texas began implementing the order of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to curb the number of people who commit trespassing. Abbott announced the move in June as he also […]