How white became the color of suffrage

Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, Case Western Reserve University During her victory speech, Kamala Harris, the first woman to be elected vice president of the United States, paid tribute to women activists not only in her words, but also in her appearance. Harris’ decision to wear a white pantsuit was a nod to suffragists and to women politicians […]

Japan’s ‘least attractive’ prefecture gets a little more love in 2020


Ibaraki, a Japanese prefecture regularly recognized each year as “the least attractive” place to visit in the country, has become a little more popular with local travelers in 2020. After ranking last for seven consecutive years on an annual survey assessing Japan’s 47 prefectures “attractiveness” (魅力度), Ibaraki vaulted up to 42nd place in 2020. The survey, conducted by […]

During the pandemic, El Salvador hopes to revive tourism with a folkloric art rebrand

On October 7, Salvadoran Tourism Minister Morena Valdez launched the new tourism logo “El Salvador” inspired by the work and art of Fernando Llort. The newly designed rebrand is intended to promote tourist destinations alongside the Surf City branding concept.  The new brand “El Salvador” is an effort by the Bukele administration to boost tourism and intends to showcase everything […]

Sicko Doctors: Suffering and Sadism in 19th-Century America

On one page [of George Lippard’s novel Ladye Annabel] you read a most graphic and minute description of breaking a criminal on a wheel, told by the executioner, with the same sort of cool gayety with which a parish doctor may be supposed to probe the wounds of charity hospital sufferers. Then, again comes a harrowing […]

Only the richest ancient Athenians paid taxes – and they bragged about it

Thomas Martin, College of the Holy Cross In ancient Athens, solely the very wealthiest individuals paid direct taxes, and these went to fund the city-state’s most vital nationwide bills – the navy and honors for the gods. While as we speak it may sound astonishing, most of those high taxpayers not solely paid fortunately, however […]

The art of survival

In 1969, when the design guru, futurist and consummate bullshit artist Buckminster Fuller’s new ebook concerning the future prospects for humanity got here out, he’d referred to as it Utopia or Oblivion. It appeared on bookshelves and in school college students’ backpacks simply as three a long time of unparalleled progress, prosperity and modernisation within the United […]

What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness

Lynn Sebastian Purcell, State University of New York College at Cortland Growing up in the United States, I keep in mind on Halloween my mom used to say, “Honey, this is not just a day for costumes and candy. You must also remember your relatives. Know their names.” She would present me footage of great-aunts, […]