Training Video Shows Young Footballer Brutally Knocked to the Ground, Prompting Backlash

Video footage captured the moment where youth footballers were running a drill just as a young boy was violently knocked to the ground by another player, prompting criticism of the coaches from social media. The recording was quickly shared through several social media platforms on Tuesday and Wednesday, inciting talks about inappropriate training for children. […]

Newsom Details New Information Regarding California’s Planned Mask Mandates

California State Governor Gavin Newsom recently released more details regarding the state’s plan to ease restrictions on wearing face masks in public for residents who wish to go outside without covering. By June 15, the mask mandate will be removed, but only if virus cases and hospitalization rates continue to decrease. Newsom said that the […]

California to Add $1.5 Billion to Small Business Loan Program

The federal government is giving California $27 billion in coronavirus relief funds, with California State Governor Gavin Newsom saying he plans to give away part of it to small-business owners who had to shut down their establishments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Newsom said his goal is to get state lawmakers to use $1.5 billion of […]

San Francisco Man Allegedly Slashes Victim in the Face, Arrested and Charged

A San Francisco man has been arrested by police after he allegedly slashed a victim in the face on Wednesday during an encounter near Union Square where the criminal tried to take money from the man. Police officers with the San Francisco Ingleside Station took 38-year-old Ryan Baker into custody later after the attack. A […]

PG&E Faces Charges for Alleged Criminal Involvement in Kincade Fire

Utility company PG&E recently denied accusations of criminal liability for its involvement and role in the 2019 wildfire that ravaged 78,000 acres across Northern California, saying a local prosecutor warped evidence and facts to hold them accountable. Last month, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced charges against PG&E, including 33 counts related to the […]

California Lawmakers Propose $200 Million to Support Anti-Hate Crime Efforts

California lawmakers are supporting the idea to provide $200 million over the next three years to fund anti-hate crime movements and efforts against Asian Americans in the country who have been seeing a rise in violent crimes. Officials said more than $100 million would go to providing grants to nonprofit and community groups that conduct […]

California Community College Forced to Shut Down After Official Investigation

One California fully online community college is facing backlash and an imminent shut down after a state lawmaker called out the establishment’s priorities after finding out that only 12 of its more than 900 students graduated in its first year and more than 40% of the students dropped out. The community college under fire was […]

Tesla Vehicle Crash in California With 1 Death Prompts NHTSA Investigation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration federal regulators said they recently started an investigation regarding a fatal crash in Fontana, California earlier this month that involved a Tesla Inc. vehicle. Tesla Crash “We have launched a Special Crash Investigation. NHTSA remains vigilant in overseeing the safety of all motor vehicles and equipment, including automated technologies, and […]

California to Allow Residents to go Out in Public Without Face Masks

California State Governor Gavin Newsom announced in a Wednesday interview his plans to remove the state’s mask mandates beginning in the middle of June, letting residents go out in public with facial coverings. Newsom said the high vaccination rates and the recent low number of coronavirus cases in the state allow people to go out […]

2 California Schools Beat Cambridge, Oxford in the Top Universities in the World

Two California colleges rank high, beating out Cambridge, Oxford, and Yale in a reputable survey of world universities.  QS World University Ranking, which rates 1,000 institutions of higher learning, ranks Massachusetts Institute of Technology first and is the best university in the world.  Coming in second behind MIT is Standford University in Palo Alto, Harvard […]