Newsmax, Right Leaning Cable News Channel: Gaining Momentum Since Elections

Media have already named Democrat Joe Biden as the 46th US President beating Donald Trump on his reelection bid, the first President to lose since George H.W. Bush in 1992. But one network is still not calling it and they are earning backlash.  Newsmax Media, a surging conservative network as A.J. Katz of Adweek called […]

Hyper Partisanship in the US Politics Aggravated by Social Media: What is happening?

The 2020 US Presidential Elections has unmasked a worsening polarized situation – “a heightened time of partisanship” with differences in opinions that cross the line of hatred and contempt. Worse, social media is amplifying the situation into a direction of a divided America.  News outlets, even Fox News with its chronicled “symbiotic relationship” with Donald […]