Authorities Rescue Kayaker On A Solo Attempt From California To Hawaii

U.S. coast guard members rescued a kayaker during an attempted solo expedition from California to Hawaii.  70-Day Voyage Cyril Derreumaux had attempted to paddle to Hawaii from the coastal town of Sausalito, California, in 70 days, until he was met with rough seas and high winds over the weekend.  U.S. coast guard officials say the […]

California Woman Arrested For Killing 7-Year-Old Son With Special Needs

Authorities arrested a California woman Tuesday who is suspected of killing her 7-year-old child with special needs, police said.  Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, 35, was taken into custody after a task force led by FBI’s Denver field office issued a nationwide manhunt. She will be booked into a local jail before being extradited to Las Vegas, […]

California Woman Brutally Beaten At Gas Pump: VIDEO

A California woman was severely beaten last week while pumping gas in what authorities say was a random attack, video showed.  Surveillance footage of the attack showed a Black male between 30 to 35-years-old, approximately 6 feet tall and weighing between 300 to 350 pounds coming out of his car and approaching the victim, who […]

Authorities Arrest Suspects In Death Of 6-Year-Old Killed In Road Rage Incident

Authorities in California have arrested two people on Sunday in connection to the shooting incident that killed a 6-year-old child last month.  Road Rage Suspects California Highway Patrol arrested Marcus Anthony Eriz, 24, and Wynne Lee, 23, at their home in Costa Mesa, California, they shot and killed 6-year-old Aiden Leos during a road rage […]

DOJ Recovers $2M Paid To Russian Ransomware Hackers

The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday announced that they were able to recover millions of cryptocurrency paid to the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hackers last month. Investigators for the Justice Department announced that they recovered 63.7 bitcoins, estimated to be valued at $2.3 million, that Colonial Pipeline paid to DarkSide last month.  The recovery effort […]

Senate’s key swing vote Machin will not support the US voting rights bill

Democratic Senator Joe Machin, the United States Senate’s deciding vote, said on Sunday that he plans to go against an extensive voting rights bill supported by most of his Democrat colleagues that will offer voting accessibility expansion across the nation. Manchin, in an interview on “Fox News Sunday”, said that the For the People Act […]

Are companies that support Pride and other social causes ‘wokewashing’?

Kim Sheehan, University of Oregon Consumers increasingly want companies to address society’s big problems, such as climate change and crumbling infrastructure. And polls suggest more than half say they want to buy from brands that take stands on social issues. At the same time, consumers are increasingly skeptical about these partnerships – such as corporate […]

Expelled lead pastor Carl Lentz faces sexual abuse allegations

Ousted lead pastor Carl Lentz is being alleged by a Hillsong Church staffer for sexual abuse, manipulation, and bullying, as she worked as a nanny for Lentz and his family. The allegations were expressed by the now Hillsong Boston pastor, Leona Kimes, in a blog entitled “Writing My Voice Back.” While she did not provide […]

Juveniles break into house, use found firearms to shoot Volusia deputies

Two minors, a boy aged 12 and girl aged 14, broke into a Volusia County residence on Tuesday, discovered firearms and shot deputies, said Sheriff Mike Chitwood. The two were found to have escaped from a group home. Deputies were forced to shoot on the children, hitting the firl in the abdomen. She is currently […]

More suspects in Miami shooting? New video may contain answers

The probability of another assailant or assailants in the South Florida shooting surfaced with the release of a recent surveillance video. The shooting on Sunday has left two people dead and 20 others injured. Another video footage was released by the Miami-Dade Police Department. It showed the SUV and the three men, with faces concealed, […]