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More than two dozen cities and states are suing Big Oil over climate change – they just got a boost from the US Supreme Court

Patrick Parenteau, Vermont Law & Graduate School and John Dernbach, Widener University Honolulu has lost more than 5 miles of its famous beaches to sea level rise and storm surges. Sunny-day flooding during high tides makes many city roads impassable, and water mains for the public drinking water system are corroding from saltwater because of sea level rise. The damage has left the city and county spending millions of dollars on repairs and infrastructure to try to adapt to the rising risks. Future costs will almost certainly be higher. More than US$19 billion in property value, at today’s dollars, is

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Is generative AI bad for the environment? A computer scientist explains the carbon footprint of ChatGPT and its cousins

Kate Saenko, Boston University Generative AI is the hot new technology behind chatbots and image generators. But how hot is it making the planet? As an AI researcher, I often worry about the energy costs of building artificial intelligence models. The more powerful the AI, the more energy it takes. What does the emergence of increasingly more powerful generative AI models mean for society’s future carbon footprint? “Generative” refers to the ability of an AI algorithm to produce complex data. The alternative is “discriminative” AI, which chooses between a fixed number of options and produces just a single number. An

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Over 1,000 grams of narcotics seized in Tenderloin drug bust

Two suspects were arrested in a Tenderloin drug bust. A total of 1,095.7 grams of narcotics and a handgun were seized.  According to the San Francisco Police Department, the suspects were under surveillance in Oakland.  When they arrived in San Francisco, SFPD Narcotics Unit, Tenderloin Station plainclothes officers, and Drug Enforcement Agency agents served a search warrant and arrested them. 

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1 dead, 4 injured after carjacked vehicle crashed into SF bus stop

One person was killed and four others were injured after a suspect vehicle in a pursuit crashed into bystanders at 16th Street and Potrero Avenue.  According to the police, some of the injured were bystanders and others may have been involved in the pursuit.  At around 10 a.m., the San Francisco Police Department Southern Station responded to a report of a carjacking.  They found the suspect vehicle near Kansan and 25th streets and a pursuit ensued.  The suspect vehicle eventually crashed into a bus stop, striking several bystanders. “Currently, we have a total of five victims ranging from critical to

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Suspect in killing Hayward mother found in Seattle

The suspect in the murder of a Hayward woman was finally arrested Monday.  According to the Hayward Police Department, Vaughn Boatner, 33, of San Mateo, was on the run for more than a week when he was found in a residential area of Seattle, Washington.  Boatner was taken into custody by the United States Marshals Service, Seattle Police Department, and the King’s County Sheriff’s Office. On May 11, HPD received a report of gunshots at the 100 block of Cassia Driver. At the scene, police found two victims and a 5-year-old boy.  The victim who died was Monique Aldridge, 30.

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Chronic pain can be objectively measured using brain signals – new research

Prasad Shirvalkar, University of California, San Francisco The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea Using a brain implant that can record neural signals over many months, my research team and I have discovered objective biomarkers of chronic pain severity in four patients with chronic pain as they went about their daily lives. Pain is one of the most important and basic subjective experiences a person can have. While there is plenty of evidence that perception of pain takes place in the brain, there is also a major knowledge gap regarding where and how

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At a G7 summit high on ambition, nuclear disarmament takes a backseat to Zelensky’s diplomatic appeals

Donna Weeks, Musashino University Hiroshima, the site of this year’s G7 summit, is one of just a handful of places in the world that provides a stark reminder of the horrors of war. The A-bomb Dome in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, for example, is one of few structures left standing in the neighbourhoods that were flattened by the atomic blast in August 1945. Around the city, there are also “survivor trees” from the blast and burn marks on temple stoneware and statues – reminders of how far and wide it radiated. It is no surprise that Japanese Prime Minister

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Victims in the fatal Hwy-101 crash in Sunnyvale identified

The Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office identified two of the victims in Monday’s morning crash in Sunnyvale. Tyler Rasay, 28, and Paul Dennig Jr, 24, died in the crash.  A third victim was also pronounced deceased, but their identity is withheld until their next kin can be notified.  Five others were injured in the crash. According to the California Highway Patrol documents, the injured victims were taken to Stanford Medical Center for treatment.  Initial CHP investigation reveals that the driver of a Ford pick-up truck lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the concrete divider south of the Fair

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