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UN Security Council is powerless to help Ukraine – but it’s working as designed to prevent World War III

Thomas G. Weiss, CUNY Graduate Center A clearly anguished Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on April 5, 2022, castigated the U.N. Security Council members for their inaction on alleged Russian atrocities in Ukraine: “Are you ready to close the U.N.? Do you think that the time of international law is gone?” We asked Thomas G. Weiss, a veteran scholar with expertise in the politics of the United Nations, to discuss the historic role of the Security Council and what its failure

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Cyber Ninjas confirms Biden’s win

Winners from the November polls were confirmed through a draft report from a company that has done the controversial review, Maricopa County, Arizona said on Thursday. In a tweet, the county said that the “draft report from Cyber Ninjas confirms

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Lawsuit up vs Texas over abortion law

Texas faces lawsuit filed by the Justice Department on Tuesday over its new state law banning the majority of abortions. The department, which filed the suit in federal court in Texas, said that the law is “in open defiance of

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