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Can this former CEO fix the World Bank and solve the world’s climate finance and debt crises as the institution’s next president?

Rachel Kyte, Tufts University Over the past two years, a drumbeat of calls for reforming the World Bank has pushed its way onto the front pages of major newspapers and the agenda of heads of state. Many low- and middle-income countries – the population the World Bank is tasked with helping – are falling deeper into debt and facing growing costs as the impacts of climate change increase in severity. A chorus of critics accuse the World Bank of failing to evolve to meet the crises. The job of leading that reform is now almost certain to fall to Ajay

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Trump indictment won’t keep him from presidential race, but will make his reelection bid much harder

Stefanie Lindquist, Arizona State University A Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict former President Donald Trump. The specific state charges, reports The New York Times, “remain a mystery” but will be related to the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation of Trump for making hush money payments to a porn star just before the 2016 presidential election. It’s the first time a U.S. president or former president has been indicted. At the same time, Trump is expected to continue his campaign for the presidency, seeking to regain in 2024 the position he lost in 2020 to Joe Biden. What are the

Pittsburg police make 2nd arrest for the murder of convenience store clerk

Pittsburg police made a second arrest in connection to the shooting that killed a convenience store clerk last week.  Jessica Russo, 34, was arrested after police executed a search warrant around 2 p.m. Wednesday at a home in the 2000 block of D Street in Antioch.  Russo is accused of being involved in the killing of Abdul Raouf, 44.  According to police, Russo and Gregory Rossignon, 37, were in an altercation nearby that led to several shots being fired.  No one was injured in that shooting.  Shortly afterward, officers were dispatched to a shooting. They determined Rossginon and Russo were

Missing Santa Rosa man found dead in rural area

A missing Santa Rosa man described as at risk due to dementia has been found deceased in an unincorporated area of Bennett Valley.  Lawrence “Larry” Atchison went missing on February 27 this year at around 4:45 p.m. It was reported he walked away from his home at Leafwood Circle.  Due to dementia, the Santa Rosa Police Department advised that he would be unable to find his way home. The police searched for several weeks along with the help of the Sonoma County Search and Rescue, other volunteer organizations, helicopters, search dogs, Atchison’s family and friends, and community volunteers.  According to

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Presidential hopefuls are considering these 5 practical factors before launching their 2024 campaigns

Robbin Mellen Jr., University of South Florida The 2024 race for the White House is in motion. Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden said in October 2022 that he intends to seek a second term, even if he stopped short of making an official announcement. But – in what is expected to be a crowded Republican field – only a few candidates had announced their bids by late March 2023. Former President Donald Trump, the last Republican to hold the office and party standard-bearer, said in November 2022 that he will seek the party’s nomination. And Republican Nikki Haley, one-time U.S.

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As longterm partnership with US fades, Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its diplomacy – and recent deals with China, Iran and Russia fit this strategy

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Rice University The fact that Saudi Arabia entered a rapprochement deal with Iran and chose China to broker it came as a surprise to many international observers. The agreement, officially called the Joint Trilateral Statement, was signed in Beijing on March 11 and begins the process of restoring diplomatic ties between Riyadh and Tehran. Those ties were severed in January 2016 after protesters stormed the Saudi Embassy in Iran in the aftermath of the execution of Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Saudi Shiite cleric who had criticized Saudi treatment of its Shiite minority. As an analyst of Saudi

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