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511- source for Bay Area traffic


Caltrans cams - California's highway

MUNI Travel & Transit Updates

Airport SFO

Caltran Highway Cams

I-80 : San Francisco

I-80 : San Francisco

I-80 : San Francisco

TV304 — I-80 : US-101

I-280 : San Francisco

TV327 — I-280 : John Daly Blvd

I-80 : San Francisco

TV316 — I-80 : 6th Street

US-101 : San Francisco

TV312 — US-101 : At Cesar Chavez Bl

I-80 : San Francisco

TVD22 — I-80 : SFOBB Lower Deck Sterling Onramp

US-101 : San Francisco

TV313 — US-101 : At 23rd St

I-280 : San Francisco

TV322 — I-280 : US-101

US-101 : San Francisco

TV302 — US-101 : 17th Street

US-101 : San Francisco

TV380 — US-101 : At 280 Split

US-101 : San Francisco


San Francisco Fast Trak

FasTrak® is the smart way to pay your toll on bridges, Express Lanes, and even for parking at SFO. FasTrak makes it quick and easy—with no need to carry cash.

At-A-Glance Bridge Tolls for Cars (2-Axle Vehicles with FasTrak)

Bridge Cost

Muni Bus Transit in San Francisco

Taxis & Shuttles in San Francisco

Contest a Parking or Transit Citation

Parking or Transit Violation Citations must be protested within 21 days from the date the ticket is issued or from the date of the first courtesy notice.

San Francisco Transit Agencies