139-Year-Old Victorian Home in San Francisco Moves to a Different Spot

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A 139-year-old Victorian House in San Francisco is moving to a new location after more than a century at 807 Franklin St.

The residence, with a green outer color, large glass windows, and a beautiful brown front door, was transported to its new home by giant dollies. On Sunday, the home was moved to a location that was only six blocks away.

Victorian Home

Large crowds gathered along the home’s path and observed as the century-old residence was moved at a max speed of 1 mph. The movers’ destination was at 635 Fulton St., which would be become the building’s new home.

The moving of the house was at work for several years before being conducted this month. Phil Joy, a veteran house mover, said he had to coordinate with more than 15 city agencies and get their approval before being able to transport the Victorian residence.

Joy noted the difficulties of the move, especially in the early stages as the road was going downhill, making it more dangerous. “That’s always difficult for a house,” he said.

The residence’s move was not without trouble, as on the way, it ripped up several parking meters. It also forced authorities to trim tree limbs and relocated traffic signs in the home’s path, the Associated Press reported.

San Francisco broker Tim Brown is the owner of the six-bedroom house. He is set to pay about $400,000 to cover fees and moving costs.

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