19 Crew onboard cargo ship anchored in San Francisco Bay tested positive for COVID

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A COVID outbreak was recorded within a cargo ship anchored in San Francisco Bay.

On Monday afternoon, the Coast Guard was phoned by Global Striker officers who were asking for help.

“They reported that out of 21 crew members on board, there were 19 positive for the coronavirus,” US Coast Guard Golden Gate’s Lt. Pete Pasilarakis said.

The ship was evaluated by paramedics who came to the scene through San Francisco fire boards.

The department has also prepared at Pier 26 for any mass casualty. They stood ready in case everyone would be in medical pain.

It was later found out that 13 among the crew onboard are suffering from mild or no symptoms.

Six of the crew, however, said they wanted to ask for treatment ashore as they are feeling sick.

“They all stated they were tested on Saturday and were positive for COVID-19, their signs and symptoms are extremely mild, they’re in extremely good spirits,” San Francisco Fire Department’s Lt. Jonathan Baxter said.

Six patients were assessed further on the waterfront and were later guided to California Pacific Medical Center and some at USCF for observation purposes.

“They were all able to walk, able to breathe comfortably, this is a very mild onset at this time,” Baxter said.

The log-carrying vessel made its last dock at West Sacramento. According to the Coast Guard, there is less probability that any of the crew on board went ashore.

“Not sure, but it’s not typical for crew members to leave the boat,” said Pasilarakis.

“But I can’t say with 100% certainty.”

The foreign crew members are required to get clearance from the US Customs and Border protection before leaving the ship.

“So no one will be allowed to simply come on to shore to go to a restaurant or a bar, they are going to be on that vessel,” Baxter noted.

The quarantine will last for at least a couple of weeks.

Those who went ashore that were not seeking treatment in the hospitals will be placed under isolation in the city, KTVU reported.

“When somebody calls for help, no matter who they are or where they’re from we’re going to deliver that help with all safety precautions in place,” said Baxter.