5 More Famous Celebrities living in San Francisco

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Celebrities living in San Francisco – Many actors, musicians, and athletes who significantly impacted the entertainment industry and popular culture in America and throughout the world were born and raised in the Bay Area.

Here are 5 more famous celebrities living in San Francisco – The Bay Area!

01. George Lucas

George Lucas, a well-known creator of the Star Wars series and a successful businessman, owns many properties throughout California. His renowned media company – Lucasfilm, has a campus in San Francisco. The Star Wars series, created by George Lucas, is recognized worldwide, and Lucasfilm has been connected with it for most of its existence.

To fully immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe, fans travel worldwide to destinations like Disney Parks or former filming locations.

Unfortunately, tours of Lucasfilm are not available to the public because the Lucasfilm property is a functioning production facility. However, the 17 acres of exquisitely planted public property are open to the public’s use and exploration.

Across the bay from San Francisco, in the North Bay Area, is Skywalker Ranch, a film ranch and workplace of George Lucas named after the primary protagonists of the Star Wars Trilogy. Skywalker Sound is located on the ranch, providing a facility for sound design, mixing, and audio post-production.

02. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook Inc. (now known as Meta Platforms, Inc.), currently resides in Palo Alto, roughly 45 minutes from San Francisco, near the Menlo Park headquarters of his business. As part of its Person of the Year award, Time magazine has included Zuckerberg among the top 100 figures in the world. He received this honor in 2010. Additionally, in December 2016, Forbes listed him as the tenth most powerful person in the world.

Despite Zuckerberg’s New York roots, he decided to locate his business in the developing Silicon Valley. The large number of tech companies that have established their headquarters in Silicon Valley and locations like Menlo Park and Palo Alto is well-known. With his wife and two children in Palo Alto, Zuckerberg has a $37 million home.

03. Danny Glover

Danny Glover is a director, actor, and activist known for his work on the Lethal Weapon movie franchise. He is a native of San Francisco and graduated from George Washington High School before enrolling at San Francisco State University, where he was a part of the Black Students’ Union.

In recognition of support for the Cuban 5 during their detention in the US, Glover received the “Cuban National Medal of Friendship” from the Cuban Council of State on December 29, 2016, in a ceremony in Havana. Glover has been outspoken about his political convictions.

Glover’s passion for San Francisco may be seen onscreen as well; he plays “Grandpa Allen” in the 2019 movie The Last Black Man in San Francisco, which is about gentrification in the city and was shot there. It is not surprising that Glover continues to call San Francisco home because he is a proud native.

04. Robert Redford

Robert Redford, a well-known actor, filmmaker, producer, and campaigner, has won numerous awards throughout his nearly 70-year career. After being thrust into the spotlight for his part opposite Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Redford gained widespread recognition.

Despite having lived most of his life in Utah, where he founded the renowned Sundance Film Festival, Redford is a proud Californian. It makes sense that Redford, born in Santa Monica, Southern California, would eventually feel compelled to return to his state. After some time, Redford’s family relocated from Santa Monica to Van Nuys in Los Angeles, where he attended Van Nuys High School. Redford, who had previously lived in Napa Valley, apparently sold the home to be nearer to San Francisco and his family.

05. Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno – a famed EGOT recipient, and Puerto Rican-born actress, dancer, singer, and performer, spent a significant portion of her successful career in California. In 1961’s West Side Story, a movie and musical, Moreno played the part of Anita. For this appearance, she earned the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role that same year. She received two primetime Emmys for her one-off episodes on “The Muppet Show” and “The Rockford Files,” a Grammy for The Electric Company, and a Tony for her supporting part in the play The Ritz. She also received a Grammy and a Tony for The Electric Company.

Moreno also played Valentina, a drugstore owner, in Steven Spielberg’s recent adaptation of West Side Story, which will be released in 2021. She eventually settled down with her husband and family in Berkeley, just 25 minutes from San Francisco.


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