5 Simple Lifestyle Changes to a Healthier You

4 mins read

Achieving a happier and healthier lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean taking big leaps of faith. Sometimes, it could be small and simple adjustments to your everyday routine. Once these tiny changes accumulate over the year, you’d see that it’s the little things that matter. 

Doing these small changes every day will help you achieve your ideal healthy lifestyle without being pressured. 

Use the Stairs

If you can, use the stairs. It might seem impossible, especially if you’re used to using the elevator. But trust us when we say that using the stairs for a whole year means that you have worked out nearly twice as hard. 

Aside from getting your heart rate up, stimulating your blood flow and metabolism, you are also fighting against sedentary behavior or too much sitting down. 

Research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology confirms that sedentary lifestyles have an association with higher mortality risk within adults who have minimal to no physical activity. 

Simple changes in your routine like taking the stairs if you can or walking to the grocery store instead of driving is one of the easiest methods to adding a low-impact workout. 

Think twice about Snacks

We all need a bit of snack to survive the day and those cookies or that bag of chips lying in the break room seems like the perfect choice to get you up and going. However, what your body needs is the complete opposite of what you might be craving. And those mouth-watering cookies and a tempting bag of chips are not just it. 

Instead, try reaching for protein-packed, nutrient-rich snacks. Almonds, yogurt with berries, a banana and peanut butter combo, or a plate of veggies and hummus are few snack options that you can whip up without much effort. 

Rekindle Friendships each month 

If you do this, by next year, you would have established a stronger connection with 12 people. And even research shows that those who have intense personal bonds can outlive less social ones by 50%. 

Of course, 1 person a month is not the limit. You can go about it with how many you want. 

Sleeping One Minute Earlier Every Night

Sleeping one minute earlier every night doesn’t seem much and trust us when we say it will do. If you religiously do this every day for two months, you’ll gain an extra hour of sleep. For a year? You’ll gain an extra 6 hours of sleep. 

Take note that sleep deprivation has an association with obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart problems, and decreasing attention span. 

Move Every 20 Minutes

One of the bitter things in life is sitting for long periods can shorten your lifespan. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2010 notes that women who logged to sit for 6 hours are more likely to die earlier than peers who sat for just three hours for a day. 

Researchers stated that sitting can suppress enzymes involved in the metabolism of fat. Aside from that, it could indirectly affect cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and other signs of health. 

The study also notes that going to the gym daily is not the perfect way to avoid it since the main point is to stand and move more during the day. Experts recommend standing up every 30 minutes or less.