Addt’l details reported on car plunge accident near Pacifica

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The California Highway Patrol’s branch in San Francisco obtains additional information regarding the afternoon accident near Pacifica on Wednesday, in updates reported by SFGATE in the morning of Sept. 16.

KRON reported that details about the 70-year-old victim were among the new information revealed.

According to the reports by the station, the victim was driving his car, traversing the northbound lane before tripping a narrow shelf and speeding into the beach.

Just after 7 in the evening, the victim’s body and the car have not yet recovered following the reopening to traffic by the southbound lane on Highway 1 by the Tom Lantos Tunnels, according to CHP’s tweet.

According to a report by KPIX on Sept. 15, the car sped off the cliff close to the Devil’s Slide Trail after the accident. This resulted in the driver’s death. At that time, there was still limited information on the cause of the accident.

On late Wednesday afternoon, Cal Fire CZU was on-site to recover the victim and the car “a few hundred feet down.”

KPIX, citing CHP San Francisco, added that no other passengers were inside the car.