Antioch Man Found Guilty on Charges Following High-Speed Chase in Stolen Vehicle

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white suv on snow covered road during night time

An Antioch man has been convicted on multiple counts, including firearm possession and vehicle theft, after leading authorities on a high-speed pursuit. Artis Chavez Crenshaw, Jr., 33, was found guilty by a Contra Costa County jury after a series of events that culminated in a dramatic car chase and subsequent crash.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office brought charges against Crenshaw on July 6th, 2023, with Deputy District Attorney Philip Farmer leading the prosecution. On January 18th, the jury delivered their verdict, convicting Crenshaw on four out of the five counts presented against him.

The chase that led to Crenshaw’s conviction began on July 1st when a vehicle was reported stolen in Antioch. The following day, peace officers spotted Crenshaw behind the wheel of the stolen car in Concord. When officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, Crenshaw fled, initiating the high-speed chase that would eventually lead to his capture.

The pursuit reached speeds of up to 115 mph as Crenshaw raced along Port Chicago Highway and onto Highway 4, dangerously weaving through traffic. Despite efforts by the California Highway Patrol to end the chase by deploying a spike strip near Hercules, Crenshaw continued to flee on a deflated tire until he crashed at the San Marco Boulevard exit in Bay Point. The 23-mile chase lasted approximately 16 minutes before Crenshaw was apprehended.

During the arrest, an AR-style pistol was discovered in the stolen vehicle, leading to the illegal firearm possession charge.

Crenshaw is set for sentencing on March 1st at the Arnason Justice Center in Pittsburg, with Judge John Cope presiding. He faces a potential sentence of up to four years and four months in state prison for his crimes. The Antioch community and surrounding areas have been shaken by the reckless actions that led to this conviction, putting many lives at risk during the pursuit.