Armed man on BART arrested on Christmas Eve

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An armed man on board a BART train on Christmas Eve was arrested after he was bothering other passengers. 

According to the BART Police Department, around 11:20 p.m., a train operator noticed a man bothering other passengers on a Richmond-bound train and notified BART police. 

BART PD intercepted the train at Fruitvale Station and made contact with the man. 

The man was identified as Archie Hansbury, 36 of Oakland.

Police said a concealed pistol grip AR-style rifle in his pants. 

Hansbury was arrested and transported to Santa Rita jail.

“Through the watchful eye of our frontline staff and the quick response by police officers we were able to get this gun out of our system and the suspect off our train,” BART PD said. “From new fare gates to increased police presence to speed up response times, BART is working on a number of safety efforts to keep our system safe and inviting.”


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