Large groups of students who were not wearing face masks or following social distancing protocols stormed the Santa Clara University for a frat party while wearing parkas and winter attire and have not been punished by school officials.

Authorities revealed that there were at least 75 individuals during the January 23 party that enjoyed each other’s company. However, neither the police or school officials attempted to stop the event and have not announced any penalties they have given, if any.

Massive Frat Party

Students planned the party in an attempt to be noticed by Santa Clara University officials after a series of events caused several Instagram accounts to become viral.

Officials planned to fine students who were “found to be responsible for hosting events on or off-campus, participating in social gatherings… or failing to abide by recommended isolation and quarantine recommendations,” an email on Wednesday said, written by the vice provost for student life at Santa Clara, Jeanne Rosenberger.

While most students have done an excellent job abiding by the important health directives, it is disappointing that others have blatantly disregarded those directives, to the detriment of other community members,” Rosenberger’s email said.

Rosenberger said the school was following up with an investigation looking into all reports of unauthorized events. Reports said that students have continued to host parties and events on school grounds amid the worsening status of the coronavirus pandemic.

There were 101,964 reported cases and 1,414 deaths in Santa Clara County as of Monday, and the numbers only began to decrease in recent weeks, the San Francisco Gate reported.

“It’s completely selfish to partake in this behavior. I’m constantly struck with sadness at the lack of understanding of others,” said college senior Gena Bruce