Back to the office: SF workers return as 98% have beat vaccine deadline

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The usual scenario of workers walking towards the city hall on Monday morning before the COVID-19 outbreak was again seen, marking the city’s huge step in the pandemic fight.

“It is a turning point in the pandemic. All city workers- or 98% of them- are all back to work in this building, it’s alive again and thriving,” San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin said, as reported by ABC7.

Currently, 98 percent of the city’s workers have reached the deadline to get complete vaccine doses against the disease.

“Overwhelmed city employees stepped up, it took some work our HR people the unions EB kind of had to work through this but I feel like we are in a pretty good place,” Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said.

According to city leaders, employees who first refuse to get the vaccines are still deciding to get inoculated.

“I was actually on the phone with the MTA and even as late as yesterday more employees were getting vaccinated so it has really been a success story,” they said.

But the challenge does not end in getting the hold-outs vaccinated because there are some employees who found the comfort of the work-from-home arrangement.

“Introverts may have liked some aspects of the pandemic now being surrounded by people, the challenge of that and fear around health stuff there were definitely some people who were reluctant even in my office,” Mandelman noted.

However, employees can expect that their workplaces will welcome them on their return.

‘I’ve been in the building for most of the pandemic and my staff has been back since the spring but it’s going to be exciting to have more people here and get a little bit back to normal,” he added.