Black grandma from Alabama finally gets to fit wedding dresses

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The 94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker, a Black grandmother from Birmingham, Alabama, finally seized her moment to try on wedding dresses almost 70 years after she was married.

In her wedding in 1952, Tucker wore a navy blue dress as Black women were not allowed to go into bridal shops back then, the said.

Along with her granddaughter Angela Strozier, she happened to have recently watched the movie “Coming to America” movie. While a wedding scene was flashed on the screen, the 94-year-old expressed her long-time dream to try a wedding dress on, her granddaughter posted on social media.

Strozier has made her grandmother’s dream come true. She accompanied her grandmother in a local David’s Bridal shop a few days later where she had tried wedding dresses on.

Tucker also had a stunning transformation made possible by the local makeup artist Pharris Clayton before she came to try on her dress, the Facebook post said.

The employees at the David’s Bridal were already briefed by Strozier of what Tucker’s dream is, according to

“Everyone was so elated to help me do that for her,” the granddaughter told “Everyone was catering to her because I told them her story.”

The 94-year-old told that she truly enjoyed the moment she was trying on the wedding dresses, FOX News reported.

“You know, I can’t even express how special it was,” she told “It was too special.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that a long time – just put one on.”