Body of missing man found near Highway 4: police

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A body was found near Highway 4 on Saturday afternoon and it might be the body of the 19-year-old who went missing on New Year’s Day. 

The Concord Police Department believes the body found near Highway 4 is  Damond Lazenby Jr, 19, who was reported missing since NYE. According to police, Lazenby’s family has been passing out information on Saturday when his lifeless body was found. 

Lazenby’s family said they received a “random call” telling them the exact location of the body. The California Highway Patrol and CPD responded to the scene. 

There have been suspicious circumstances regarding the found body. 

Lazenby was found in clothes that were clean and dry. 

“The weather has been pretty bad, horrible. So if he was there the entire seven days, his clothes would have showed that,” one family member said.

Lazenby’s family says he was a typical teenager who spent time working and playing video games. His family describes him as a happy-go-lucky guy, who joked all the time and was a bit of a prankster.

It is believed that his body may have been dumped on Highway 4 on early Saturday. According to CPD, his remains were found in an area that had already been searched earlier in the week. 

There’s no conclusive cause of death yet and the investigation of Lazenby’s death will continue. 

“We send our condolences to the Lazenby family during this difficult time,” CPD said in the statement.


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