California Couple Dies of Covid, Leaving 5 Kids Behind

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37-year-old Davy Macias was intubated and dying of Covid-19 complications when she gave birth to her daughter. She didn’t live long enough to see her. 

Her husband, 39-year old Daniel Macias, only managed to get a glimpse of their child. He, too, was hospitalized because of the virus. 

A week after their daughter was born, Davy died. Daniel followed two weeks later. The couple left behind 5 children. Their eldest only aged 7. 

Davy and Daniel Macias from Yucaipa, California were included in the 658,000 Americans to have died from Covid-19. The delta variant has caused a lethal increase of cases as health officials urged the whole of California to get vaccinated. 

According to Terri Serey, Davy’s sister-in-law, the mother did not get vaccinated because of her pregnancy, even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that pregnant women can take the vaccine. It is unclear if Daniel was vaccinated. 

The Macias children are being cared for by Daniel’s parents. The children have yet to comprehend the death of their mother and father.

After Daniel’s death on September 9, a counselor explained the situation to the two eldest children, aged 7 and 5. The oldest child understood the situation while his younger sister is “still looking for mommy,” Serey said. 

Serey said that all children “spend a lot of time at night looking for mom and dad.”