California Enforces New Laws, Including Purchase Ban on Semi-Automatic Rifles

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California officials enforced new legislation on July 1, including new laws regarding semi-automatic rifle purchases and supporting wildfires victims whose homes have been affected.

More than just being the start of the fiscal year, authorities expanded on a ban limiting residents to only being able to buy one handgun within a 30-day period to include semi-automatic rifles. The revision includes some firearms that meet the state’s definition of an assault rifle.

California’s New Laws

California authorities also decided on the creation of an ombudsman to advocate for and field complaints from student loan borrowers struggling with predatory practices.

Officials made permanent a 2002 measure that allowed judges to require mental health outpatient treatment, the Laura’s Law. A person must be found to have serious mental illness and have a recent history of psychiatric hospitalizations, incarceration or violent behavior.

The state’s new laws also include two legislations that were designed to support homeowners, who have lost their homes or properties to wildfires during a state of emergency, to be eligible for coverage of living expenses paid by the government.

California’s three juvenile prisons will also stop accepting new admissions and will officials close down in 2023, CBS Local reported.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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