California Police Continue Manhunt for Prisoners Who Escaped Using Makeshift Rope

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California officials are continuing investigations for three of six men who escaped from jail earlier this weekend with the use of a makeshift rope.

Authorities first discovered the six escapees, who were between the ages of 19 and 22, missing from their cells on Sunday at the Merced County Downtown Jail. Official reports said the prisoners climbed up to the roof of the building and slid down using a hand-made rope.

Escaped Prisoners

Police found and arrested one of the missing men, 22-year-old Edgar Ventura, in the city of Firebaugh. The sheriff’s office said the man was charged with possession of a firearm, participation in a criminal street gang, and a probation violation.

The other two individuals, 21-year-old Andres Nunez Rodriguez and 22-year-old Fabian Cruz Roman, were caught in San Diego on Tuesday. Officials quickly transported them back to the Merced jail. Roman faced murder charges while Rodriguez was brought in for attempted murder.

The rest of the six men, 20-year-old Jorge Barron, 19-year-old Gabriel Francis Coronado, and 21-year-old Manual Allen Leon, continued to elude authorities. The Merced County Sheriff’s Office announced that the three individuals remained wanted and asked for any information for their whereabouts.


Authorities released descriptions of the three Hispanic men, with Barron being 5”5’ and weighing at around 140 pounds. Coronado stood at 5”10’ and weighed about 225 pounds. Lastly, Leon was also 5”10’ and weighed about 165 pounds, ABC News reported.

Police said the three escapees were charged with multiple crimes, including probation violation, shooting at an inhabited dwelling, participation in a criminal street gang, possession of a firearm, assault with a firearm, evading peace officer, and reckless driving.

Officials from the Merced County Sheriff’s Office reassured the public they were working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to locate the remaining escapees.

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