California Records Surge of COVID-19 Cases After Continuous Drop in Number of Infections

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California officials recorded a sudden spike of new coronavirus cases last week, reporting 12,109 new infections, a rise of 46.4% compared to the previous week of 8,272 cases.

Johns Hopkins University researchers found that California was 36th on the list of regions that observe the fastest spread of the virus on a per-person basis. The United States has recorded a decrease of 20.4% of COVID-19 cases from the previous week.

Surge of Infections

California had 8.59% of the total coronavirus cases in the country while having 11.87% of the total population. There are at least five states across the country that have reported an increase in the number of infections compared to the previous week.

Officials said many week-to-week comparisons were unreliable due to many regions not reporting data of confirmed cases because of Memorial Day. on May 27, Los Angeles County officials reported about 3,900 COVID-19 cases backlogged from previous weeks.

Modoc, Siskiyou, and Tehama counties have been the areas in California that recorded the worst coronavirus outbreaks on a per-person basis. Los Angeles County was responsible for the majority of the new cases with 5,101 infections.

The rise of COVID-19 cases comes as California is reported 12th among states that have of having residents who are at least partially vaccinated with 56.7% reported having getting at least their first shots. Compared to the United States’ 50.5%, California has an above-average statistic when it comes to inoculated residents.

California officials reported administering an additional 1,213,460 vaccine doses last week, with 570,692 first doses. The previous week saw the vaccination of 1,933,160 residents with 823,073 first shots, Siskiyou Daily reported.

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