The search is over: Parents reunite with son after 24 years

A Chinese couple has finally reunited with their son, who was abducted as a young kid outside their residence, after 24 long years of searching. The police in their hometown of Liaocheng have organized a reunion for the family. Parents Guo Gangtang and Zhang Wenge did not hold back tears as they wrapped their now […]

Black grandma from Alabama finally gets to fit wedding dresses

The 94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker, a Black grandmother from Birmingham, Alabama, finally seized her moment to try on wedding dresses almost 70 years after she was married. In her wedding in 1952, Tucker wore a navy blue dress as Black women were not allowed to go into bridal shops back then, the […]

Princes William and Harry shelve rift for late mother’s statue unveiling

Britain’s Prince William and Prince Harry on Thursday have set aside a feud to unveil a statue of the late Princess Diana who was supposed to turn 60, expressing their hope that her late mother’s life and legacy will continue through the figure. The friction between the two has lately stolen the attention of the […]

Victoria’s Secret drops VS Angels in new campaign for body inclusivity

The famed Angels supermodels will not serve as the image of Victoria Secret anymore. The American lingerie and clothing retailer has let go of its long-kept models who enjoyed popularity stealing the runway in their flamboyant outfits weighing about 30 pounds for its feathers and rhinestones, according to reports by New York Times. The company […]

Viral pizza slice stealing video bothers consumers

There are reasons why most develop trust issues in this generation. A TikTok video recently went rounds in the internet showing how a whole slice of pizza can be cut and removed from the middle without leaving any noticeable evidence. It appears that the hack has been captured in camera at a pizza place, triggering […]

Americans expected to get $20.1-B out their pockets this Father’s Day

Spending by US consumers is anticipated to hit $20.1 billion this Father’s Day for gifts and some items. This will be more than the $17 billion spending recorded for the occasion last year. The National Retail Federation said that some 75 percent of the US population will buy gifts. Out of the Americans who observe […]

Food stars born real quick. Thanks to TikTok!

A 19-year-old TikTok star, Eitan Bernath, keeps his 1.6 million followers entertained by posting content videos since 2019. Bernath is just like the online personalities in his generation, as he also learned cooking meals through watching videos from YouTube and the Food Network. He features his menus in Instagram which under no circumstances became popular. […]