CHP: Westbound I-80 shooting leaves woman dead

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The California Highway Patrol confirmed the death of a woman from a shooting near the By Bridge toll plaza on Thursday. The incident is currently being investigated.

According to the CHP, the gunfire hit the vehicle moving west on I-80, just east of West Grand Avenue at around 9:15 in the morning, ABC7 reported.

The driver and the two children aboard the vehicle were not harmed in the incident, officers said.

The westbound traffic going to San Francisco from the MacArthur maze was then blocked after a huge backup arrived. A coroner’s van from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the location by 11:45 in the morning and the Bay Bridge allowed traffic flow again at noon.

A shooting incident on the southbound I-880 just a few weeks ago also took the life of Jason Wu who was riding in a car driven by his mother. According to the police, the family was stuck in a gang crossfire. In the last year, the Alameda County freeways have seen several shootings.

“There’s just a lot of angst out there right now. It’s just been ongoing and pent up since the pandemic started. It creates a lot of anger. I don’t really like driving. It’s like every day you go out there you are putting yourself at risk,” Oakland resident Elise Faur, said.

“It’s dangerous out here. You never know if someone is going to drive up next to you and do whatever. You accidentally cut someone off, you’re in fear of your life,” Tabitha Umunna, a mother from Oakland, said.

The shooting is currently being investigated by the detectives who are appealing for the community’s help to gather more details connected to the incident.

Anyone with information about the shooting can call the CHP Investigation Tip line at (707) 917-4491.