City of singles? Santa Rosa might have someone you are looking for

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Are you looking for a partner? Santa Rosa was ranked among the best cities in the US for dating, said the website My Dating Adviser.

The ranking from the site has provided analysis on the performance of the cities for singles, with factors like affordability, romance, quality of life and population.

Garnering a score of 58.6, Santa Rosa was ranked 17th by the love expert as the best area for singles.

In terms of affordability, the city earned the 126th spot. It ranked 75th in romance, 18th in terms of quality of life, and sixth in population attributes.

It placed in the low spectrum in terms of affordability, which covers unemployment rate, and median home price, among others.

Included in the romance ranking, meanwhile, are marriage rates, sexual activity, dating of members of the LGBTQ+, as well as the price of a meal that comes with a bottle of drink.

Metrics such as the number of singles in the city, diversity, educational attainment, life expectancy, and well-being were included in the population attributes. Santa Rosa placed sixth in this aspect.

The website came up with the results through several sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and analytic company, Gallup.

It said that the best cities for singles across the country are Lincoln, Nebraska; followed by New Haven, Connecticut; and Buffalo, New York.

Other California cities which landed in higher spots than Santa Rosa were San Diego and Santa Barbara, placing ninth and 13th, respectively.

The same website also said Tallahassee, Florida has the most number of singles while Naples, Florida has the lowest.

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