Danville Resident Faces Felony Assault Charges After Alleged Attack on Father

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A 24-year-old man from Danville, California, is facing serious criminal charges following two separate incidents that resulted in his arrest. Kevin Hu Xu has been charged with felony assault, among other misdemeanors, and is currently being held on a $117,000 bail.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office has filed a five-count complaint against Xu, which includes felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon and assault by means likely to produce great bodily harm. Both charges carry additional special allegations due to the severity of harm involved. Xu is scheduled for arraignment in the Contra Costa Superior Court in Martinez on January 24th.

The first incident occurred on January 20th at approximately 2:20 PM. Authorities reported that Xu was leaving his home on Glasgow Circle when he saw his father walking towards a neighbor’s house. The relationship between Xu and his father is reportedly strained, as they live apart from each other and Xu’s father has expressed fear over his son’s unpredictable behavior. Upon seeing Xu, his father attempted to escape, calling for help as he fled. Xu reportedly chased and assaulted his father, inflicting multiple injuries that later required medical attention. Danville Police launched a search for Xu, who initially evaded capture until the following day.

In a prior incident on January 8th, Xu was confronted by a neighbor while sitting on a sidewalk near trash receptacles. When asked to leave, Xu allegedly followed the neighbor into their garage, attempting to gain entry into the house. The neighbor, with the help of another family member, managed to prevent Xu from entering and called the police.

Xu’s alleged actions have resulted in additional misdemeanor charges, including resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer, battery, and aggravated trespassing.

If convicted of all charges, including the special allegations, Xu could face a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 7 years. The community awaits the outcome of the legal proceedings as the case moves to court later this month.